Interior Concepts

The style of my interiors is very focused on design – which is characterized by minimalism, sleekness and harmony. I’m interested in high quality, clear-cut shapes and a timeless aesthetic.

Every customer has different needs – these are clarified in advance and taken into consideration on an individual basis during the planning process. To achieve an attractive, high-quality, long-term living concept, I produce optimal furnishing plans and 3D renderings. Suitable furniture, textiles and lighting are then carefully chosen, planned and coordinated for each room of the project. I think it’s important that materials, colors and floorings are sampled on-site with the customer. It gives the customer an idea of what the planned interior design will look like. I make sure that I understand what they want and implement it.

Example of a Concept

Innenarchitekt Innenenarchitektin Umbau Villa Neubau Interiordesign Claudia Merlotti Innenarchitektonische gesamt Konzepte Wohnberatung
Objekt Villa Watt & Attika Wohnung Walenstadt